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At times a vehicle manufacturer may use engines of the same size, be it in liters or cubic inches, in a particular year, make, and model vehicle. In these cases there is a need to further identify which engine has been installed. In most cars and light trucks, this is done as part of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) but in some cases, it is only identified on various locations of the engine itself. The VIN is a plate on the dash, seen through the drivers side windshield. This chart covers most vehicles made since 1982.

11916D 11 9/16" Diameter
15QT 1.5 Quart / 1.4 Liter
1QT 1 Quart / .95 Liter
1-SPD 1-Speed
203EC 2-03 Engine Calibration
2-DR 2-Door
2-PIN 2-Pinion
2QT 2 Quart / 1.9 Liter
2WD Two-Wheel Drive
2WD4AT Two-Wheel Drive with 4-Speed Transmission
2WS Two-Wheel Steering
3-DR 3-Door
3-SPD 3-Speed
4-DR 4-Door
4-PIN 4-Pinion
4-SPD 4-Speed
4WD Four-Wheel Drive
4WS Four-Wheel Steering
5-BOLT 5 Lug Bolts on Wheel Hub
5-DR 5-Door
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5DRATAC 5-Door with Auto Trans without Air Conditioning
5MT 5-Speed Manual Transmission
5-SPD 5-Speed
6-BOLT 6 Lug Bolts on Wheel Hub
6-SPD 6-Speed
8-BOLT 8 Lug Bolts on Wheel Hub
975D 9 3/4" Diameter
AA American Axle
ABBR Abbreviation
ABO Above
AC Air Conditioning
ADBV Anti-Drain Back Valve
ADD Automatic Disconnecting Differential
ADJ Adjustable
ADRD Automatic Disconnecting Differential
AF Air Filter
AFL Air Filter
AFRI Air Filter Restriction Indicator
AL Aluminum
ALCS Aluminum Case
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ALHB Auto-Locking Hubs
ALUM Aluminum
AMER American
AMT Automated Manual Transmission/Transaxle
AOT Automatic Overdrive Transmission
ARC Aluminum Rocker Arm Cover
AT Automatic Transmission
AT/TX Auto Transmission/Transaxle
ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid
ATT at
ATTS Active Torques Transfer System
ATXL Automatic Transaxle
AVC Aluminum Valve Cover
AWD All-Wheel Drive
BBL Barrels
BCPN Brake Caliper pins
BEG Beginning
BEL Below
BF Before
BKC Brake Calipers
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BREA Breather Element
BRK Brake
BSYS Brake System
BW Borg Warner
C&C Cab & Chassis
CA California
CAL California
CAN Canada
CARB Carburetor
CAT Catalytic
CC Cruise Control
CCNV Catalytic Converter
CD Code
CDIFF Center Differential
CFBS Clutch Fork Ball Stud
CH Chassis
CHAS Chassis
CHEV Chevrolet
CHG Change
CID Cubic Inch Displacement
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CK Check
CLCB Club Cab
CLNT Coolant
CLTCH Clutch
CNT Connector
COCL Cold Climate
COMM Command
CON Conical
CONAFWD Conical Air Filter with Dome
CONAFWOD Conical Air Filter without Dome
COND Conditioning
CONV Convertible
CPE Coupe
CRCASE Crankcase
CRKAF Crankcase Air Filter
CS Limited Slip
CSS Limited Slip
CSYS Cooling System
CVJ CV Joint
CVT Continuously Variable Transmission
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CYL Cylinder
D Diesel
DCL Decal
DD Digital Dash
DEX Dual Exhaust
DFT Dual Fuel Tanks
DIA Diameter
DIFF Differential
DIRIGN Direct Ignition
DOHC Dual Overhead Cam
DP Deep Pan
DRLN Driveline
DRW Dual Rear Wheels
DSL Diesel
EB European Built
ECT Electronic Control Transmission
EFP External Fuel Pump
ELAT Electronic Automatic Trans
ENG Engine
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EOIL Engine Oil
EPP Extra Performance Package
ESSOORU Except Severe Service or Off-Road Use
EST Electronic Spark Timing
EV Every
EVCT Electronic Variable Control Transmission
EX Except
EXT External
EXTCAB Extended Cab
EXTD Extended
EXX Except
FDIF Front Differential
FE2 FE2 Suspension Package
FED Federal
FF Fuel Filter
FFT Fuel Filter
FHUB Front Hubs
FI Fuel Injection
FINDR Final Drive
FITT Fittings
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FLNG Flange
FLSEN Flow Sensor
FLSH Flush
FLX-FL Flex Fuel
FM From
FMETER Fuel Meter
FPCOND Flat Pipe Condenser
FRT Front
FSP Fuel Saver Package
FSS Flexible Service System
FWD Front-wheel drive
FWV Foam Wrap Version
GL5 GL-5
GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
HA High Altitude
HBK Hatchback
HC Hot Climate
HCT Hydraulic Control Transmission
HD Heavy-Duty
HD4 HD4 Emission Package
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HD5 HD5 Emission Package
HDEM Heavy-Duty Emission Models
HDLG Handling
HDLT Headlights
HFNT Hi-Flow Non Thermactor, And After 30,000 Miles
HH Hex Head
HM Hydra-Matic
HO High Output
HSG Housing
HW Highway
HYD Hydraulic System
ICOOL Intercooler
IDT IDI Turbocharger
IFP In-Tank Fuel Pump
INCL Include
INN Inch
INT Internal
INT'L International
ITSD IDI Turbocharger Super Duty
JPBLT Built in Japan
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KC King Cab
LBED Longbed
LBS Pounds
LD Light-Duty
LDEM Light-Duty Emission Models
LDIFF Locking Differential
LF Leaded Fuel
LIMO Limousine
LNG Long
LPG Liquid Propane Gas
LSD Limited Slip Differential
LUB Lubricate
LUBE Lubricant
LWB Long Wheel Base
LWR Lower
MA Maine
MAX Maximum
MAXE Maximum
MAZ Mazda
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MECHFI Mechanical Fuel Injection
MET Metric
METTON Metric Ton Package
MEXP Mexico Production
MF Methanol Fuel
MHSG Metal Housing
MI Miles
MIN Minimum
MINOIL Mineral Oil
MIT Mitsubishi
MIZ Mizer
MO Months
MOD Model
MT Manual Transmission
MT/TX Manual Transmission/Transaxle
MTD Mounted
MTG Mounted
MTXL Manual Transaxle
N No
NBCK Notchback
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NE North East
NLAX Non-Locking Axles
NO. Number
NR Not Required
NV New Venture
NVELEC NV 136, 236, 246 electronic
NY New York
OC Overrunning Clutch
OCOOL Oil Cooler
OCOOLER Oil Cooler
OD Overdrive
OE Original Equipment
OFC Oil Filler Cap
OFLT Oil Filter
OHC Overhead Cam
OOP Optional Oil Pan
OPT Optional
OPTWHL With Optional Wheels
ORAP Off-Road Air Package
OTH Others
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OZ Ounce
PA Pulse Air
PANL Panel
PBH Plug Bolt Head
PCVT Positive Crankcase Vent Tube
PERF Performance
PGRIL Painted Grille
PHP Performance & Handling Package
PHSG Plastic Housing
PKG Package
PL Plastic
POL Police
PROD Production
PSHF Propeller Shaft
PST Power Steering
PTO Power Take Off
PTU Power Transfer Unit
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PWR Power
RACVR Rocker Arm Cover
RAI Ram Air Induction
RALLYV Rally Van
RARRC Racing Regular Radiator Cap
RASRRC Racing Safety Release Radiator Cap
RCA Rear Carrier Assembly
RDHL Round Headlights
RDIF Rear Differential
REC Recommended
RECHL Rectangular Headlights
REDUCT Reduction
REGCAB Regular Cab
REMCOV Removable Rear Cover
REQD Required
RG Ring Gear
RKC Regular & King Cabs
RND Round
RP Regular Pleats
RPCOND Round Pipe Condenser
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RPKG Rally Package
RRC Regular Radiator Cap
RUB Rubber
RWD Rear-Wheel Drive
RWHLS Rear Wheels
RWIB Rear Wheel Inner Bearings
SBED Shortbed
SCHR Supercharger
SEC Sectional Case
SECOND Secondary
SED Sedan
SEL Selec-Trac
SELDR Select-Drive
SEQ Sequential
SER Series
SERV Service
SFT Single Fuel Tank
SGRX Saginaw Axle
SHT Short
SLC Side Load Case
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SP Shallow Pan
SPCAB Sport Cab
SPCH Sport Chassis
SPD Speed
SPDMT Speedometer
SPPERF Special Performance
SPT Sport
SPVAN Sport Van
SQH Square Head
SRRC Safety Release Radiator Cap
SRW Single Rear Wheels
ST State
STD Standard
STL Steel
STR Steering
SUS Suspension
SVC Steel Valve Cover
SYNTHOIL Synthetic Oil
SYS System
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TA Trans Am
TCD Torque Converter Drain
TCHR Turbocharger
TCON Traction Control
TEMP Temperature
TEMPS Temperatures
TENS Tensioner
THRD Thread
TLC Top Load Case
TOD Torque On Demand
TOPC Top Cover
TORQ Torque
TP Tall Pleats
TRANS Transmission
TRC Transfer Case
TSAC Top Shift Aluminum Case
TSIC Top Shift, Iron Case
TT Trailer Towing Package
TURBO Turbocharged
TXL Transaxle
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UF Unleaded Fuel
UJNT Universal Joints
UOT Underhood Oil Tank
UPR Upper
UPT Up to
USBLT Built in USA
VF Variable Fuel
VR Vapor Return
VS Vapor Separator
W/ With
W/E With Extension
W/O Without
W3&35AT With 3" or 3 1/2" Axle Tube
W7RG10BC With 7 1/4" Ring Gear & 10-Bolt Cover
W7RG10BC2AT With 7 1/4" Ring Gear, 10-Bolt Cover & 2 1/2" Axle Tube
W7RG2AT With 7 1/4" Ring Gear & 2 1/2" Axle Tube
W7RG9BC With 7 1/4" Ring Gear & 9-Bolt Cover
W7RG9BC2AT With 7 1/4" Ring Gear, 9-Bolt Cover & 2 1/2" Axle Tube
W8RG3AT With 8 1/4" Ring Gear & 3" Axle Tube
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WAG Wagon
WAG5MTAC Wagon W/ 5-Spd Manual Transmission & Air Conditioning
WARC With Aluminum Rocker Arm Cover
WB Wheel Bearings
WC Warm Climate
WGN Wagon
WH Wheels
WHBS Wheelbase
WK6 WK6, External EGR Valve
WSRC With Steel Rocker Arm Cover
YR Year
Z19 Z19 Sport Package