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Online Application Guide -- Engine Code Lookup

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At times a vehicle manufacturer may use engines of the same size, be it in liters or cubic inches, in a particular year, make, and model vehicle. In these cases there is a need to further identify which engine has been installed. In most cars and light trucks, this is done as part of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) but in some cases, it is only identified on various locations of the engine itself. The VIN is a plate on the dash, seen through the drivers side windshield. This chart covers most vehicles made since 1982.

Make Engine Code location
AcuraOn engine block
AudiOn engine block
BMWOn engine block
BuickVIN- 8th character
CadillacVIN- 8th character
ChevroletVIN- 8th character
ChevroletTrucks VIN- 8th character
ChryslerVIN- 8th character
DaewooVIN- 8th character
DodgeVIN- 8th character
Dodge TruckVIN- 8th character
EagleVIN- 8th character
FordVIN- 8th character
Ford TrucksVIN- 8th character
Geo-AsunaVIN- 8th character
GMC TrucksVIN- 8th character
HondaOn engine block
HyundaiVIN- 8th character
InfinitiVIN- 8th character
IsuzuVIN- 8th character
JaguarVIN, 7th Character
JeepVIN- 8th character
Kia,1998- present VIN- 8th character
Land RoverOn engine block
LexusOn engine block
LincolnVIN- 8th character
MazdaVIN- 8th character
Mercedes-BenzOn engine block
MercuryVIN- 8th character
MitsubishiVIN- 8th character
Nissan, 1995-02 VillagerVIN- 8th character
Nissan, 1995-03 OthersVIN, 4th Character
OldsmobileVIN- 8th character
PlymouthVIN- 8th character
PontiacVIN- 8th character
PorscheOn engine block
SaabVIN- 8th character
SaturnVIN- 8th character
ScionOn engine block
SubaruVIN, 6th Character
SuzukiVIN, 6th Character
ToyotaOn engine block
VolkswagenOn engine block
VolvoVIN, 6th & 7th Characters