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Owner and Operator, Mike Coger, of Mancelona, MI knows the value of a dollar.

Pictured is his 2005 379 Peterbilt with C-15, Caterpillar 550 hp. The truck went 660,000 miles on two oil changes—418,000 miles on the first and 242,000 miles on the second. He saved $9,000 on maintenance costs since he owned the truck. He used Amsoil AME-15W40 oil, Donaldson Endurance Full Flow oil filter and Amsoil Dual-Guard Bypass system.

The truck was dynode in Grand Rapids, MI with 750,000 miles on it. The dyno operator said they don’t see trucks pull these kinds of numbers with that many miles on them.

Mike is currently driving a 2010 389 Peterbilt with ISX 550 Cummins EGR engine. He uses Amsoil DME-15W40 oil, Donaldson Endurance Full Flow oil filter and Amsoil Duel Guard Bypass system. Due to the EGR system the truck is getting 60,000 to 70,000 miles per change.

Factory Fill Chevron Delo couldn’t make it 10,000 miles with losing 5lbs. of oil pressure between 5,000 and 7,000 miles. -- Mike Coger Trucking

I had a 2001 Dodge 2500 Ram with 24 Valve Cummins, Banks Exhaust, a High Ram Manifold and Super Chips programmer.

I installed an Amsoil Dual-Guard Bypass system, used Amsoil HDD-5W30 oil and Amsoil EAA air filter. It increased the capacity from 10 quarts to 13 quarts of oil with 93,000 miles on the oil in the truck. The Bypass system will remote filters away from the engine to help cool it. I changed filters once a year and pulled an oil sample. The last sample with 82,000 miles came back all A’s and minimal wear – probably break in material. -- Roger Spanske

When I worked for TJ’s Trucking in Cadillac, MI we installed an Amsoil Dual-Guard Bypass system on the 2001 IH 9900IX with C-15 Caterpillar-550hp.

We used Shell Rotella T 15W40 for the first 336,000 miles and changing it every 10,000 miles. It would use over a gallon of oil between changes. We switched to Amsoil AME-15W40 oil, Donaldson Endurance Full Flow oil filter and Amsoil Dual-Guard Bypass system. The truck went a whole year, over 110,000 miles on that oil.

We did three oil samples and each time they came back cleaner and approved for continued use. We changed the Full Flow oil filter every 20,000 miles and changed the Bypass filters every other time at 40,000 mile intervals. -- Roger Spanske, TJ's Trucking

Why did I switch my 2007 VNL Volvo over to Amsoil? At the recommendation of my representative at Northwestern Lubricants, I took the plunge and changed from the conventional oil to the Amsoil Heavy Duty Diesel Oil. I also changed to the Donaldson Extended Life Filters. This enabled me to extend my oil change intervals to 80,000 miles with filter changes every 20,000 miles. That compares to conventional oil and filter changes of every 10-12,000 miles. This is quite a savings! In addition to the savings, I saw an increase in fuel mileage of approximately 3% and noticed that long-full power pulls, the engine ran approximately 5-8 degrees cooler. This also contributes to longer engine life and less maintenance.

I was so impressed by the results that I now use Amsoil exclusively in my personal vehicles. I truly believe that the Amsoil products are the best synthetics on the market and are the only synthetic oils I will consider using. -- Steven R Dendler, Owner/Operator, Waterford, MI

I wanted to let you know that I sold my truck last week. It had been a dream of mine for many years to own a 379 Pete, owning it and driving it has been as good as the dreams were.

One of the highlights of this past four years was the dramatic difference that the AMSOIL Products made in the performance and profitability of the 475Cat. When the price of fuel went crazy, I had to do something to help the bottom line. I knew the Aero Wing I added would give me a mileage advantage, but I didn't expect the motor oil to make such a difference. Then the addition of the new synthetic element air filters, well that was another unexpected pleasure.

The pure economics of changing my oil at 60,000 mile intervals, and running the air filters three to four times longer made sense to me, but gaining more than 1.2 miles per gallon, well it's not rocket science to see that converting to AMSOIL Products made the “Pete” run like a dream. She had 860.000 miles when I let her go, and still ran like a new truck, in fact I got a call from the new owner asking me if I had “turned it up”!

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for all the help determining the right products for my truck, and the great service. I am planning to discuss AMSOIL Products with my new employer very soon. -- W. Nettle, South Bend IN

The City of Troy, Michigan has switched its entire Police and City Hall fleet (approximately 150 vehicles) to synthetic oil.

HISTORY: In the past, all marked and unmarked police vehicles would come in monthly for an oil change, lube and safety check. As a test, we switched two marked Chevrolet Caprice vehicles over to 100% synthetic engine oil and extended their drain intervals to 20,000 miles, with a new oil filter installed at 10,000 miles. The vehicles are still scheduled to come in for a monthly safety inspection (tires, brakes, suspension, lights, etc.), but the oil is not drained, only a sample is taken. When the two test vehicles reached 70,000 miles, the City of Troy technicians removed the oil pans and also removed the main and rod bearings to check for wear, using the plastic gauge test. The bearings showed very little wear. The same procedure was performed on two marked cars, same year, make and model, using petroleum oil. The wear on the two vehicles with petroleum oil, changed monthly at about 2500-3000 miles, showed slightly more wear in the plastic gauge test. The test results were well within specifications in both cases.

Currently the city is using all Ford Crown Victoria’s in its Police fleet. With the help of oil analysis, we are able to extend our oil changes to 18,000–20,000 miles, with a new filter installed at 9,000-10,000 miles. We are currently using synthetic engine, transmission, and rear differential oil in all vehicles serviced out of the City Hall facility, approximately 150 vehicles (Police, Fire, Engineering, Assessing and Parks), with plans to change the remaining fleet of 200 vehicles at our main garage to synthetic oil soon.

SAVINGS: Savings have been noticed due to the decrease in the number of oil filters and quarts of oil purchased and disposed of. Labor time to complete a preventative maintenance (A or B) on a vehicle has been reduced, allowing up to 50% more vehicles to be serviced each day. To date, we have not had to rebuild an engine or transmission with the new extended oil change intervals.

It is very important to research the different types of synthetic oil available and to work very closely with a reputable oil analysis company and to set the correct drain intervals for the different types of equipment you may own.

If you have any questions regarding this cost saving strategy, please feel free to call me at (248) 524-3390.

Samuel P. Lamerato
Superintendent of Motor Pool